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FIFA 18 Squad Battles Rewards and Schedule - All Info

10/18/2017 3:11:48 PM

What are the FIFA 18 Squad Battles? What rewards are there and when will I receive the bonuses? All you need to know about this new single-player mode in the Ultimate Team (FUT 18) is here.

The Squad Battles are among the most important innovations in the FIFA Ultimate Team mode. They can be found in FUT 18 under the menu item "Single Player". There you can start them.

FIFA 18 Squad Battles Rewards and Schedule - All Info

What are the Squad Battles in FUT 18?

The squad battles can be explained in a very short way:

- They are a new single player mode in FUT 18. They can not be played in the multiplayer.

- You are playing against teams from all over the world. The better your performance is and the more games you make, the more points (Battle points) you get.

- The more points you accumulate within a week, the higher you climb in the ranking list and the better rewards are there.

In the community, the Squad Battles are already called the "Offline FUT Champions" because both modes are similar: you play as many games as possible, show good performances and thereby rank in a ranking list. Depending on your rank, there are bonuses.

Unlike FUT Champions and the Weekend League

- You do not have to qualify for the Squad Battles,

- The games are spread more widely throughout the week,

- There are no monthly bonuses,

- And the prices are slightly lower.

However: Squad Battles are now the most lucrative single player mode in FUT 18. All rewards and ranks can be found at the end of the article.


FIFA 18 Squad Battles Schedule in the Ultimate Team - All important dates

You can only play four new Squad Battles every day - except on the weekends. Several are possible.

Each squad battle competition consists of 11 rounds:

Round 1: Monday 2 am to Tuesday 2 am

Round 2: Tuesday 2 am to Wednesday 2 am

Round 3: Wednesday 2 am to Thursday 2 am

Round 4: Thursday 2 am to Friday 2 am

Round 5: Friday 2 am to Saturday 2 am

Round 6: Saturday 2 am to Saturday 10 am

Round 7: Saturday 10am to Saturday 6pm

Round 8: Saturday 6 pm until Sunday 2 am

Round 9: Sunday 2 am to Sunday 10 am

Round 10: Sunday 10 am to Sunday 6 pm

Round 11: Sunday 6 pm to Monday 2 am

For each round, you will receive four new matches.

A squad battle event always takes a week. Every Monday at 2 o'clock in the morning, the ranking lists are reset, the prizes are disbursed and a new competition begins.


What FIFA 18 Squad Battles rewards are there and when do I get them?

In the Squad Battles, the best single FUT players can earn excellent prizes. These rewards range from FIFA 18 coins to leverage packs to "ultimate packs".

You receive the rewards weekly on the night from Monday to Tuesday (after 2 hours) as soon as a squad battle competition is over. You must then start the Squad Battles mode to get the rewards.

Keep in mind that the cards from the reward packs are "tradeable". So you can put them on the transfer market and sell them. When you open your reward packs, you are left to it. They do not decay.

These are premiums depending on your rank:

Bronze 3 (100% -94% of all players) - 2 Premium Leplayer Reward Packs

Bronze 2 (93% -87% of all players) - 1 Ultimate Loan Player Reward Pack

Bronze 1 (86% -80% of all players) - 1 Gold Pack, 1 Silver Pack, 1,150 Coins

Silver 3 (79% -65% of all players) - 2 Gold Packs, 2000 coins

Silver 2 (64% -52% of all players) - 2 Gold Packs, 1 Premium Gold Pack, 4850 coins

Silver 1 (51% -40% of all players) - 2 Premium Gold Packs, 1 Gold Pack, 10,900 coins

Gold 3 (39% -28% of all players) - 2 Jumbo Premium Gold Packs, 12,000 coins

Gold 2 (27% -16% of all players) - 1 Premium Gold Players Pack, 1 Jumbo Premium Gold Pack, 13,000 coins

Gold 1 (15% -10% of all players) - 1 Premium Gold Players Pack, 2 Jumbo Premium Gold Packs, 12.400 Coins

Elite 3 (9% -5% of all players) - 1 Rare Gold Pack, 1 Premium Gold Players Pack, 1 Jumbo Premium Gold Pack, 20,800 Coins

Elite 2 (4% -2% of all players) - 2 Mega Packs, 25,200 coins

Elite 1 (1% of all games to top 100) - 2 Mega Packs, 39,800 coins

Rank 100-51 - 2 Mega Packs, 1 Rare Players Pack, 65,000 Coins

Rank 50-21 - 1 Jumbo Rare Players Pack, 2 Mega Packs, 65,000 Coins

Rank 20-11 - 2 Rare Players Packs, 1 Jumbo Rare Players Pack, 75,000 Coins

Rank 10-2 - 1 Ultimate Pack, 2 Rare Players Packs, 87,500 Coins

Rank 1 - 2 Ultimate Pack, 2 Rare Mega Packs, 100,000 Coins

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