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FIFA 18 Worst Players With Lowest Ratings - Top 10 Lowest Rated Players In FUT 18

2017/10/27 10:24:36

The worst players in the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team can be seen here. These are the 10 weakest players in FUT 18!

If you are looking for the best players for your Ultimate Team, then you are completely wrong! Because we now take a look at 10 players who have the doubtful honor of being the worst kickers in FUT 18.

However, these players are not "worthless" at the lowest end of the rating list: Partially you have to spend thousands of coins on the transfer market to buy them.

This has a reason: some tournaments have as a prerequisite a maximum overall team assessment. If you place the worst bronze players on the bench (the substitutes also count into the overall rating), you can put strong players into the starting line and still meet the tournament requirements.

Say, players with the weakest ratings can push the team overall score down properly. However, EA Sports can put a stop to this trick by adding as an additional requirement that all players must be at least gold-quality or silver-quality.

FIFA 18 Worst Players – Top 10 Lowest Rated Players In FUT 18

There are 10 players in FUT 18 with the lowest overall rating of 46. That is:

Max Wright

Jack Keeble

Tom Sawyer

Mikey Whelan

Josh Lundstram

Leslie Sackey

Tommy Käßemodel

Jordan Young

Matthew Foy

Harry Clifton

Here are the stats for these players (from left to right: Tempo, Shooting, Pass, Dribbling, Defense, Physical):



The weakest German player is Tommy Käßemodel from Erzgebirge Aue. It is interesting: He is not an active football pro!

As RAN reported, the club from the 2nd Bundesliga still needed a fourth "local player" between 15 and 21 years, who was eligible for Aue. Because, according to a Bundesliga rule, at least four players must be in the squad, which have sprung from their own youth program.

And since Aue had only three such players at the time, they equipped Käßemodel with a contract.

Actually Käßemodel is a witness at Aue, who was formerly a youth goalkeeper. He is not planned for the game. It is therefore strange that he can be played in FIFA 18 at all.


FIFA 18 Worst Goalkeeper – Lowest Rated Goalkeeper in the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

There are also two goalkeepers with the lowest overall rating of 46:

Adam Kelsey

Barry Richardson

If you plan to create the worst team, you can use them.

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