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Home >>News >> 1767 Where To Buy Rocket League Impact Crates All New Items For Ps4, Xb One, Pc, Switch Fast And Safely

Where To Buy Rocket League Impact Crates & All New Items For PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch Fast and Safely?

2018/5/30 11:10:56

Where to buy the Impact Crates? If you are looking for this question here, then we will say you are right here! The Rocket League Impact Crates and all new items are on hot sale at the Top Rocket League Items Store - RocketPrices.Com, enough stock for all platforms (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch) ensure you can get this new cosmetics crate in the fastest time!


Now go to buy Impact Crates for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch at RocketPrices.com!

With this summer-themed update comes a new arena, a huge of new contents, and the beginning of Competitive Season 8. But the most exciting new items are all in the new cosmetics crate - Rocket League Impact Crates! Want to get the Impact crate to draw out the import Twinzer, black market Fire God Decal and exotic Santa Fe Wheels? Now go to buy Impact Crates at RocketPrices.com! 

Full Stock, Fast Delivery, Favorable Prices, Safe Payment We Promised For Buying Rocket League Impact Crates & Items ! Use Coupon “HOT” To Get More Discount!

Rocket League Impact Crate

Buy Rocket League Impact Crates PS4

Buy Rocket League Impact Crates Xbox One

Buy Rocket League Impact Crates PC

Buy Rocket League Impact Crates Switch


Rocket League Impact Crate Contents

Here are the new items you are able to obtain by opening the Rocket League Impact Crate, also you can buy these new Rocket League Impact Crate items on RocketPrices.Com


Staredown (Dominus GT Decal)

Rocket League Staredown (Dominus GT Decal) - Impact Crate

Splashback (Centio V17 Decal)

Rocket League Splashback (Centio V17 Decal) - Impact Crate

Windswept (Imperator DT5 Decal)

Rocket League Windswept (Imperator DT5 Decal) - Impact Crate

Sundae (Road Hog Decal)

Rocket League Sundae (Road Hog Decal) - Impact Crate

Very Rare

Masato (Wheels)

Rocket League Masato (Wheels) - Impact Crate

Reaper (Wheels)

Rocket League Reaper (Wheels) - Impact Crate

Burnout (Player Banner)

Rocket League Burnout (Player Banner) - Impact Crate

Migraine (Player Banner)

Rocket League Migraine (Player Banner) - Impact Crate


Twinzer (Body)

Rocket League Twinzer (Body) - Impact Crate

Enchanter (Rocket Boost)

Rocket League Enchanter (Rocket Boost) - Impact Crate

Cirrus (Rocket Boost)

Rocket League Cirrus (Rocket Boost) - Impact Crate

Santa Fe (Wheels)

Rocket League Santa Fe (Wheels) - Impact Crate

Centro (Wheels)

Rocket League Centro (Wheels) - Impact Crate

Black Market

Fire God (Animated Decal)

Rocket League Fire God (Animated Decal) - Impact Crate

Streamline (Animated Decal)

Rocket League Streamline (Animated Decal) - Impact Crate

Juiced (Goal Explosion)

Rocket League Juiced (Goal Explosion) - Impact Crate

[REPEAT] Atomizer (Goal Explosion)

Rocket League Atomizer (Goal Explosion) - Impact Crate

Why Do You Choose RocketPrices.Com To Buy Rocket League Impact Crate Items

Best Price - The most favorable price for Rocket League Impact Crate, new items you can find in the whole market

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Full Stock & Fast Delivery - We stock enough Rocket League Impact Crates and new items for Switch, PS4, PC to meet every customer’s demand, no matter when you buy, your items can be sent in mins!

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