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FIFA 17 Squad Rating Formula/Combinations: Cheapest Way To Build 84/85/86/87 Rated Team For SBCs

2016/12/21 12:43:11

How to get a 84 rated team fast and easy in FIFA 17? Want to complete FIFA 17 SBCs with cheapest squad builder? Team ratings as one of the requirement to completing most of FIFA 17 squad building challenges, how do you get 84, 85, 86, 87 OVR squad rating? In our guide, we will show you the cheapest and easiest formula for team rating, and list all player rating combinations in order to get to 84, 85, 86 and any rating you need.


Team Rating can be manipulated for your own benefit. But most of you still are confused about it. So get to know how it’s calculated and how to work out the rating you want. Thanks for the share from Imaduckquackk on Reddit, we get below detailed summarize for getting  FIFA 17 84 rated sqaud:

1. Work out the average rating of the team

So let's assume we have 11 players, each rated at 84. To work out this average we then do:

(84 x 11) / 11 = 84

So we now know that our average team rating is 84.

2. Make adjustments accordingly, IF any players rating falls above the average team rating

So let's use the above example. Every player is of rating 84, as is the team rating. No changes need to take place, your team rating is 84.

Now let's assume that we have a team of 10 players, rated 84 and 1 rated 85.

(84 x 10 + 85) / 11 = 84.09

Now we need to adjust the rating slightly, as we have a player who is rated above the average rating (average is 84.09, one player is 85). To do this we add up every rating Coin that falls above the average. So here it would 1 Coin, (10 players are 84, below the average, 1 is 85, which is 1 above the average).

We then take this number and divide it by the amount of players:

1 / 11 = 0.09

3. We add both of these figures together.

84.09 + 0.09 = 84.18

This figure falls below 85, and hence gives an overall team rating of 84.

To summarise we will use the formula that proved so successful in the past week. In this we used 84 x 2, 83 x 8 and 80 x 1.

** ((84 x 2) + (83 x 8) + 80) / 11 = 82.90909090**

We add the difference of players rated ABOVE the 82 average (always round down). Here we have 8 x 83 rated players and 2 x 84. The 8 players at 83 each give 1 Coin (as it is one rating higher), both the 84 give 2 Coins (two ratings higher). So here we have a total of 12 Coins.

12/11 = 1.09090909

Then adding them both together we get:

82.909090909 + 1.09090909 = 84

Hence we get an overall team rating of 84.

Here are the video from famous Youtuber: NepentheZ, show you more details about FIFA 17 SQUAD RATINGS FORMULA (78-87):


If you don't want to do any math, check out the list of possible combinations for 88 Rated Squad to 78 Rated Team as below, you can adjust the top values up or down to get the team rating you want.

Note: There are lots of combinations you can have a try for one confirmed OVR team, you can use the cheapest way to get that OVR according to the players you have already. Each rank is one combination, and the number on the table is how many players with the corresponding rating you need have. 

FIFA 17  - 87 OVR Rating Combinations - 87 Rated Squad

FIFA 17 Squad Rating Formula and combinations - 87 rated squad

FIFA 17  - 86 OVR Rating Combinations - 86 Rated Squad

FIFA 17 Squad Rating Formula and combinations - 86 rated team

FIFA 17  - 85 OVR Rating Combinations - 85 Rated Squad

FIFA 17 Squad Rating Formula and combinations - 85 rated team

FIFA 17  - 84 OVR Rating Combinations - 84 Rated Squad

FIFA 17 Squad Rating Formula and combinations - 84 rated team

FIFA 17  - 83 OVR Rating Combinations - 83 Rated Squad

FIFA 17 Squad Rating Formula and combinations - 83 rated team

FIFA 17  - 82 OVR Rating Combinations - 82 Rated Squad

FIFA 17 Squad Rating Formula and combinations - 82 rated team

FIFA 17  - 81 OVR Rating Combinations - 81 Rated Squad

FIFA 17 Squad Rating Formula and combinations - 81 rated team

FIFA 17  - 80 OVR Rating Combinations - 80 Rated Squad

FIFA 17 Squad Rating Formula and combinations -80 rated team

FIFA 17  - 79 OVR Rating Combinations - 79 Rated Squad

FIFA 17 Squad Rating Formula and combinations - 79 rated team

FIFA 17  - 78 OVR Rating Combinations - 78 Rated Squad

FIFA 17 Squad Rating Formula and combinations - 78 rated team

What's more, For other team ratings in future SBCs, take the 78 OVR rating combinations as example, if you want to score an 77, just subtract 1 from the table header values of 78 OVR rating combinations, and you'll score a perfect 77. For safety, you can try to make a concept squad first to meet the requirement of SBC.

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