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FIFA 17 TOTS Guide - All about the FIFA 17 Team of the Season

2017/4/25 16:32:22

The TOTS (Teams of the Season) are in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. When is the release date of the teams of the season and which cards are upgraded? All information about FIFA 17 TOTS.

In addition to the "Team of the Year", the TOTS phase is one of the most exciting times in the FUT year. At the same time, the TOTS period is probably the last big thing in FUT 17 - after that the glances are already gliding towards FIFA 18.
Since FUT 12 EA Sports regularly publishes the "Teams of the Season" towards the end of the league seasons. In the course of several weeks many teams with upgraded player cards will be released. The players who come to these teams showed outstanding achievements in the current season, which EA is honoring with special cards in FUT 17. TOTS come to the "big" European leagues, but also to various smaller ones.
In contrast to the TOTY, the TOTS players are not selected on the basis of their performances in the respective calendar year, but on the basis of the performances in the league season.



FIFA 17 TOTS - Most Consistent Team Of The Season is chosen by the community

Each team of the season consists of 23 players who receive a card in blue design. The quality of the players (gold, silver, bronze) is arbitrary.
Most teams are created directly by EA Sports - they decide which players deserve to get into the respective TOTS. Then there are also the Most Consistent TOTS squads, which are chosen by the FIFA community. These are players who played solidly during the season, but never made it into the team of the week. Until April 24th, fans can vote on these teams, of which there will be a gold, a silver and a bronze team.

FIFA 17 Gold MC TOTS (confirmed in EA Forums / ratings not fixed yet)

FIFA 17 Most Consistent Team Of The Season - MC TOTS Gold

FIFA 17 TOTS Release Dates/Time
There is no official release date for the first FIFA 17 TOTS yet. EA Sports unveils the FUT events mostly at short notice, in the best cases a week before the respective event.
However, a look into the past shows when the releases can be expected. The page fifauteam starts from this date:
The first TOTS will probably be unveiled on 19 May 2017. From 19 clock it should then be in the packs. In the past, the "Most Consistent" teams were the first published teams.
Last year the teams of the big leagues were always released on Fridays and were then a week in the FUT packs.
The smaller leagues came to the packs on Mondays and stayed there for 48 hours. Here are the prospective - not yet official! - Events:

l  May 19th to May 26th: Most Consistent (Gold, Silver and Bronze)

l  May 26th to June 2nd: Premier League TOTS

l  May 29th to May 31st: Football League TOTS and Benelux TOTS

l  June 2nd to June 9th: Bundesliga TOTS

l  June 5th to June 7th: Jameel League TOTS and league NOS TOTS

l  June 9th to June 16th: LaLiga TOTS

l  June 12th to June 14th: Latin America TOTS and Russian League TOTS

l  June 16th to June 23rd: Ligue 1 TOTS and Serie A (Calcio A) TOTS

l  June 19th to June 21st: Süper Lig TOTS and rest of the world TOTS

l  June 23rd to June 30th: EAs TOTS (The best players from the previous TOTS, chosen by EA Sports)

l  July 26th to August 2nd: MLS TOTS


FIFA 17 TOTS Predictions and Investment Tips

The TOTS cards are currently unknown. We will include them as soon as EA Sports publishes them. Until then, you can find some FIFA 17 TOTS predictions - that is, possible players who could come into these TOTS:

FIFA 17 Most Consistent TOTS Suggestions

FIFA 17 Bundesliga TOTS Predictions

FIFA 17 Premier League TOTS Predictions

If you want to do some investment on FIFA 17 TOTS, read below FIFA 17 TOTS Investment Guide carefully:

FIFA 17 TOTS Market Crash and Investment Tips


More information about FIFA 17 Team of the Season:

l  There may be new leagues added to the TOTS in FUT 17, or the previous ones will be removed.

l  The blue cards receive boosts on the overall rating by 3-6 Coins.

l  The TOTY cards have better stats than the TOTS cards.

l  With the TOTS cards, the players can increase their quality (for example from bronze to silver). The Most Consistent players can not.

l  You get TOTS cards by pulling them from packs or buying them on the transfer market.

l  The chance of a TOTS card in the packs is as high as the chance to get the standard card of the player at another time.

l  If a player changes the team during the season, he still receives only one TOTS card (for the team he played better).

l  There will probably be special set offers during the TOTS phase.

l  If you have the card of a player in your possession who now receives a TOTS card, your card remains unchanged.

l  A player can also appear in several TOTS - but he always has the same stats.

We will keep updating the latest news about FIFA 17 TOTS in the coming weeks. You can check more professional FIFA 17 Guides and News on our News page. Cheap and Safe FIFA Coins and FIFA 18 Coins for sale on Fifacoinsgo.com.

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