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FIFA 18 All New Confirmed Celebrations

2017/8/23 11:50:20

Today we are going to talk about some celebrations that has been confirmed by EA Sports and also we saw them in FIFA 18 trailer. So above is our FIFA 18 all new confirmed celebrations.

FIFA 18 All New Confirmed Celebrations 1

This celebration was long expected to be added in FIFA, which has finally made its way in one of the funniest celebrations in football and it was seen in EA play events and surely looks cool.



FIFA 18 All New Confirmed Celebrations 2

The second celebration that we are going to talk about is also made by a famous striker from Syria. It is a celebration that is becoming a trend in the footballing world. It is surely going to be in the game as we see Paul Dybala doing that celebration in the trailer. This mass celebration will be probably one of the most popular celebrations.


Cell Phone

FIFA 18 All New Confirmed Celebrations 3

The third celebration we are going to talk about is a cell phone celebration. Now the cell phone celebration is not entirely a new celebration as it was also in FIFA 17. The Griezmann hotline bling has now been updated to be used by anyone in the game. It will also involve another team doing the same thing with him. This celebration is a classic club’s celebration to use with your friends.



FIFA 18 All New Confirmed Celebrations 4

The 4th celebration is called push-up celebration. Now this is one celebration that was in FIFA 13 or 14 maybe. But that was one-handed push-up celebration. Now in FIFA 18, they added back this celebration about 8 months ago if you remember. And it’s surely one of the best FIFA celebration.

FIFA 18 All New Confirmed Celebrations 5

The next celebration we are going to talk about is one that is most famous in NBA because of James Harden who stated their celebration. And there was an instant hit amongst the fans. They loved it so much so that it became a meme. Now this trend has followed its way into football. The celebration was spotted in FIFA 18 trailer and will be in FIFA 18 for sure.



FIFA 18 All New Confirmed Celebrations 6

This celebration is called flute celebration. Though there is confirmation of this celebration in the game, it is slightly different in the game from what we expected. This celebration is obviously inspired by Jesse Lingard flute celebration. But FIFA 18 version of it is a little bit different and it is expected to be performed with just one hand rather than two.



FIFA 18 All New Confirmed Celebrations 7

The next celebration is the scorpion celebration. This celebration will be in FIFA 18 and this was one of the coolest things that has happened last season. If you guys missed it, go back and watch it. You will find that Olivier Giroud did this celebration after he scored with his amazing scorpion kick.  

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