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Home >>News >> 1257 Fifa 17 Totyteam Of The Year World 11 Squad Players, Release Time, Market Crash, Investment Tips

FIFA 17 TOTY(Team Of The Year) World 11 Squad - Players, Release Time, Market Crash, Investment Tips

2017/1/5 17:56:47

On FIFA 17, the Team of the Year (TOTY) will be released on the Ultimate Team. When does it come out? Which players will be nominated and which cards will be available for it?
Since FUT 12, the Team of the Year has been held every year in the Ultimate Team of the FIFA series. Blue player cards with outstanding ratings and attributes
come into play. Last year, for example, a special card from Lionel Messi was published with a 99 rating.


What is the FIFA 17 Team of the Year?
The eleven players of the Team of the Year are elected by the FIFPro and are always announced in Zurich at the beginning of January. There are the great prizes of world football given annually. EA Sports creates the TOTY in FUT, which is marked with blue player cards. These special cards are the best cards in the game and thus highly sought after.

The TOTY cards from FUT 12 to FUT 16
In short: The FIFA 17 TOTY consists of the best players of the year 2016, which are honored with the best players cards. It consists of a goalkeeper, four defenders, three midfielders and three forwards.

fifa-toty-cards- fifa 17 team of the year

When will the FIFA 17 TOTY be released? - Release Time
The TOTY will be released on 9th January 2017 in Zurich as part of the show "The Best FIFA Football Awards 2016". The time should be around 6:30 pm.

Best FIFA Football Awards Ceremony 2016 Schedule

  1. Press conferences live – 1pm UK – 08:00 ET

  2. The Red Carpet live – 3.30pm UK – 10.30 ET

  3. Awards begin – 5.50pm UK – 12:50 ET

  4. World XI announced – 6pm UK – 13:00 ET

  5. TOTY Available in FIFA 17 packs – 8pm UK – 15:00 ET

The entire TOTY will not be available immediately in the packs. If it is as in the previous year, we predict the FIFA 17 TOTY release will be sectioned as follows:

Note: These times are not yet confirmed.

FIFA 17 TOTY Goalkeeper & Defenders (Duration: 2 days)

Monday, 9th January, at 8pm UK until Wednesday, 11th January, 2017 at 6pm UK.

FIFA 17 TOTY Midfielders (Duration: 2 days)

Wednesday, 11th January, at 6pm UK until Friday, 13th January, 2017 at 6pm UK.

FIFA 17 TOTY Forwards (Duration: 2 days)

Friday, 13th January, at 6pm UK until Saturday, 14th January, 2017 at 6pm UK.

FIFA 17 TOTY Every Position (Duration: 2 days)

Saturday, 14th January, at 6pm UK until Monday, 16th January, 2017 at 6pm UK.

Which players will be in FIFA 17 Team Of The Year?
Which players are in the TOTY and which ratings they have, we only learn this on the 9th January. All FIFA 17 TOTY(Team Of The Year) Candidates can be found in the given link.
Recently, a Leak emerged, which could already show the players of the FIFA 17 Team of the Year. According to this, these professional kickers:

FIFA 17 TOTY(Team Of The Year) World 11 Squad - FIFA 17 TOTY Players

    Manuel Neuer (Germany / FC Bayern Munich)
    Thiago Silva (Brazil / Paris Saint-Germain)
    Gerard Pique (Spain / FC Barcelona)
    Sergio Ramos (Spain / Real Madrid)
    Marcelo (Brazil / Real Madrid)
    Andres Iniesta (Spain / FC Barcelona)
    Toni Kroos (Germany / Real Madrid)
    Luka Modric (Croatia / Real Madrid)
    Neymar (Brazil / FC Barcelona)
    Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal / Real Madrid)
    Lionel Messi (Argentina / FC Barcelona)
Note: These players are not officially confirmed. We will update the article promptly.

How do I get a blue card from the FIFA 17 TOTY?
The TOTY special cards are available in the FUT packs for one week. The chance of a TOTY card this week is as high as the chance of the normal card of the corresponding player in another week. This also means that you will not find any standard cards of the TOTY players in the packs during the TOTY week.
The best time to open packs is in the days when the entire TOTY is available in the packs. You can also buy the TOTY cards from other players in the transfer market. However, these will cost many FIFA coins.

What influence does FIFA 17 TOTY have on the transfer market? - Prices and Market Crash
Since the overall rating of the players on the TOTY cards will increase by several Coins, these cards are very popular. They are usually one of the most expensive cards in FUT.
This results in the opening of countless packs this week, the market is being flooded, and the biggest market crash of the year comes. The prices of the other players fall into the bottom. Already in advance, many fans sell their players to have many coins for the packs for the TOTY week.
If you want to make cheap bargains on the transfer market, next week is the ideal time for this.
However, accurate predictions for transfer market fluctuations are impossible. Since FIFA 17, there have been squad-building challenges, which have a strong impact on the transfer market.

How can I prepare for the FIFA 17 Team of the Year?
The best preparation is probably to save some FIFA Coins in order to open one or the other packs in the TOTY week. It is also possible to purchase the packs with real gels, but everyone has to decide for himself whether he wants to invest money.

Otherwise, the events in the TOTY week are exactly followed. The above times can still change. Stay watchful.